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Name:Remy Lebeau
Birthdate:Jan 1, 1980
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
Remy LeBeau. Gambler. Ladies man. Scoundrel. King of Thieves.

As a mutant, Remy can tap into the kinetic energy of inorganic objects through touch, and alter their molecular structure, making the molecules unstable and volatile. It usually results in an explosive manner.

Remy's powers at full strength have the potential to be able to kinetically alter organic matter, learning the potential consequences of this ability and not confident in his ability to control it, he contacted the geneticist Nathaniel Essex (Mr.Sinister) and negotiated a deal.

Remy later regained his full potential, and more after he was genetically modified and brainwashed by Apocalypse during a subterfuge/double-cross that didn't go as planned. After a brief stint as 'Death' where his kinetic powers could charge the air itself, his mind and abilities and seems to have returned to normal, except under extreme anger and stress.

Remy currently divides his time between the Jean Grey school, and the Thieves Guild... committing his attention fully to none.

He has three cats: Oliver, Lucifer and Figaro

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